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Access to Quality Markets
The CONSUMERS FIRST Network Members have access to a wide array of top-rated products from nationally-recognized carriers.

High Compensation
The CONSUMERS FIRST Network offers one of the most versatile and competitive compensation packages in the industry. Network Members can structure their compensation independently for each of four broad business categories: Business Products, Family Products, Life and Health. As well, there are no mandatory production requirements for Network Members.

Superior Service
Network Members are assigned a fully licensed, dedicated CSR(s) to handle the servicing aspects of their business: rating, endorsements and claims. Working with their Network CSR, Network Members spend more time advising and less time processing paperwork.

Network Members can access NetPASS, our online profile management tool. Whenever your Network CSR works with one of your customers an entry is created in an activity log associated with that customer. You can view the activity for all of your customers such as calls, quotes, tasks and work requests.

Additionally, NetPASS maintains images of actual declarations pages, not just summary data. These pages are available for Network Members to view online and print.


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